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50 is a number often associated with milestones and celebrations. We celebrate golden anniversaries, and awards such as Top 50 people under 50, but 50 years is also the startling number of years that Canadians have had no law protecting the most vulnerable humans.

Canada’s abortion law was removed May 14th, 1969 and nothing has ever been put in its place. This means abortion is legal throughout all 9 months of pregnancy, right up until birth. You read that right… there is no law! The call is urgent; we can’t afford to be passive as 100,000 babies are being killed through abortion each year in Canada. It’s time to see change!

This summer we have another round of interns joining us across Canada to learn how they can take a stand against abortion and be a positive influence on how our world thinks about the reckless killing of the pre-born. They are on the ground and conversing with the public about how abortion is a human rights violation and are seeing minds changed daily.  Our internship program takes a team of like-minded supporters, like you, who want to see change. Our interns fundraise a portion of their salaries, but we need another $6,000 per intern to make it possible for this dedicated team to learn and go out into our communities to save lives.

Become a fundraiser! We invite you to share our campaign with your network. Start your own fundraising page by clicking "create a peer-to-peer fundraiser" (to the upper right) and set a personal goal on how much you can raise towards our over-all campaign. You can recruit your network to fund an intern position of $6,000, ½ internship at $3,500, a ¼ of an internship at $1,500, or another amount that is on your heart. No amount is too small or too large!

You can donate directly through this page or click “create a peer-to-peer fundraiser” to create your own goal to share with your networks.

Thank you for partnering with us to reach $50,000 to train and activate pro-life leaders, and so we don’t see another 100,000 babies lose their lives to abortion each year! Together we can EndTheKilling!      #NotAnother50

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While CCBR is a registered non-profit, it is not a registered charity and consequently is not able to provide tax-deductible receipts. More information click here.

Thank you for making this internship possible!

As our staff and interns have been on the streets, minds have been changed and lives have been saved when people see the reality of abortion. We have had an army of supporters behind us. Thank you so much - from Loretta in the fundraising department and from all the staff at CCBR - for making a lasting impact with your finances! Together we can make abortion unthinkable!

Watch the thank you and update here:

"Pre-born babies in our country need our summer interns, and our summer interns need you."

Those who financially support our work are just as important as those involved in activism. Without them, our work cannot be done. Our interns are putting in long hours to see public opinion change and make abortion unthinkable. Today Samuel - an intern alumni who is now staff - shares how vital YOUR support is to continue our internship programs. If you have not yet donated, consider doing so today; if you have, send this video to your family and friends and encourage them to join you in making Canada pro-life!#NotAnother50

Hear from Samuel:

A mothers mind changed in Saskatoon - So powerful!

As our team was in Saskatoon, they decided to delay an extra fifteen minutes before packing up their “Choice” Chain displays. Thankfully they did, as that extra time resulted in this powerful and compassionate life-giving testimony! Hear Sarah and Heather share this story and how YOU can make a difference. Donate today at

Watch the video & hear the story here:

So many conversations with our dedicated summer team!

With 100,000 abortions in Canada each year and no law in Canada restricting this bloodshed, our incredibly brave and dedicated team of interns have given up their summer to fight for pre-born children. One conversation at a time this remarkable team is impacting our culture and seeing minds changed as people see and realize the tragic truth of abortion. We need YOU to fight with us! Help us raise another $65,000 this summer. Donate #NotAnother50

Hear a snapshot of the people these amazing interns are speaking with this summer:

We are 1/3 of the way to our $100,000 summer goal and we need you.

Lincoln is just one of 30 young people who have joined our team this summer to speak up for the human rights of the pre-born. In this video he tells of how he is reaching the public with the truth and seeing minds changed. We need partners in this work - those who can keep this program running with financial support. We are 1/3 of the way to our $100,000 summer goal and we need you. Please share this with your friends and donate today! #NotAnother50

Lincoln shares in this video:

The conversation continues in our day-to-day lives

This summer so many conversations are happening as our team of warriors are out on the streets - and the conversation continues in our day-to-day lives. Today Esther shares how this internship is equipping her. As this life-saving pro-life movement continues to grow we can’t do this on our own! Our internship campaign is 32% funded so far and we need your help to donate and to spread the word! #NotAnother50

Hear from Esther here:

It’s a culture shift we need to see as Canadian hearts and minds are impacted

It’s a culture shift we need to see as Canadian hearts and minds are impacted with the staggering truth of innocent blood shed. This is why so many young people, like Micah, have joined us to speak up this summer. Thank you to those who have given so far as we’ve reached 30% of our summer goal. We need to YOU share our campaign to your friends and family so we can continue to share the truth. Share and donate today! #NotAnother50

Be encouraged with this video:

As we soon celebrate Canada Day but grieve the lives lost in the 50 years abortion has been legal...

As we soon celebrate Canada Day but grieve the lives lost in the 50 years abortion has been legal, we say #NotAnother50. In Canada lives are being torn out of the womb for any reason or no reason at all and abortion is legal in all nine months of pregnancy. In todays video, Olivia shares how she, as part of the team of summer interns, is making a difference and how you can join us to end the killing! Donate today at!

Testimonies like these happen because of people like you.

Just $50 = 1,000 Canadians reached with our projects. Your support is needed for our summer internship, especially as this year marks 50 years abortion has been legal in Canada! Join us with your $50 gift today! #NotAnother50

Watch the latest update here:

Men have such an important voice

Men have such an important voice - not only in our lives but also in speaking out for the lives of the pre-born. Attila shares how he got involved in the pro-life movement and one of the conversations he had this past week, discussing that even in the face of difficult situations the lives of pre-born children are worth standing up for. We need you to stand with us. We need $100,000 to keep these passionate young people on the ground, changing hearts and minds. The campaign is almost at $20,000 but have a long way to go to get the team through the summer! Please help us raise another $5,000 this week. #NotAnother50

Watch the video here:

Our team is busy hitting multiple communities as we speak and we need you!

If just 35 people gave $200 this week we would bring the us to 25% of the over-all $100,000 goal. Please keep our summer team fueled this summer and join us in saving the lives of the innocent today! #NotAnother50

Watch the testimony video here:

Today Daisy shares with us one of the many great conversations she’s had over the week!

As our team reaches people on the ground we need your help in reaching people in your networks and sharing in our fundraising campaign. You can set your own personal goals and share your page with your network and together reach $100,000 this summer! Create a peer-to-peer campaign and/or donate at

Watch the video here:

Join our fundraising team and multiply what you could give on your own!

Visit the campaign at - create your peer-to-peer campaign and share it with your friends and family and see what we can do together. We need your help to fund our team as they hit the streets this summer to share the truth about abortion and the 50 years it’s been legal in Canada. #NotAnother50

Conversations like the one Hannah shares in this video happen each time our teams go out!

Thirty summer positions have been added to our regular staff team this summer to have life-saving conversations, and YOU make that possible with your financial support! Help us reach our next goal of $15,000 over the next week by donating directly or creating a peer-to-peer fundraiser. Join us at #NotAnother50

Watch the video:

Check out this testimony of a girl who became pro-life from Calgary intern Danae!

Interns are on the streets every day this summer having many conversations just like this - changing hearts and minds all over the country.

Do you want to help our interns do this life-saving work? Partner with us today at! #notanother50

Watch the video here:

10% into our fundraising goal, Vanessa shares one of her conversations.

Our team has been busy! Vanessa shares just one of the many mind-changing conversations she has had this week. A big thank you to those of you who are helping us have conversations like these every day. Your contributions to this summer's campaign have now reached 10% of our $100,000 goal within the first couple weeks! You can be part of the conversation by contributing at

Watch the video here:

TODAY is the 50th anniversary of the date abortion became legal in Canada.

TODAY is the 50th anniversary of the date abortion became legal in Canada. This is no celebration, but rather we URGENTLY need to see change in how our country views abortion, and WE NEED YOU! Devorah, CCBR's Eastern Outreach Director, shares in this short video how you can make a difference. Watch the video here:

Join the campaign!  #NotAnother50

Hear from Alex, CCBR's Western Internship Director, how our summer program has kicked off this year

Did you know this year marks 50 years abortion has been legal in Canada? Hear from Alex, CCBR's Western Internship Director, how our summer program has kicked off this year to train leaders across Canada. Watch the short update video here:

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